Hands & Feet


  • OPI Reshape & Varnish - £10
  • OPI Minicure £15
  • OPI Rescue Manicure - £20
  • OPI Signature Manicure - £25
  • OPI Pamper Manicure - £30

  • Manicure Add ons
  • Paraffin Wax - £10 extra
  • Hot Oil - £10 extra
  • Gelcolour - £10 extra

  • OPI Gelcolour - £25
  • with French Finish - £5 extra
  • Gel Soak Off - £17.50

  • Gel Extension - £37
  • Gel Builder Overlay - £30
  • Gel Builder Infills - £28
  • Acrylic Extensions - £37
  • Acrylic Infills - £28
  • Acrylic Soak Off - £25

What To Expect

  • OPI Manicure
  • Cuticles are prepared, reshaped and varnish finished with hand cream.

  • OPI Rescue Manicure
  • In a rush, but still need a quick way to de-stress? The OPI ProSpa Express Manicure is perfect. Featuring essential OPI ProSpa products and techniques in a condensed service that doesn’t sacrifice on a premiere experience

  • OPI Signature Manicure
  • Known as the ‘can’t live without’ OPI signature manicure service. You will experience the quintessential OPI ProSpa products combined with a relaxing massage and acupressure. This signature experience puts the ‘ahh’ back in Spa

  • Age Pamper Manicure
  • Soothe, relax and indulge with the ultimate OPI ProSpa Pamper Manicure. The crème de la crème of manicures, you will benefit from unparalleled exfoliation, moisture & protection, while revealing in a combination of massage and acupressure designed to reduce stress and relieve tension

OPI Gelcolour

Cuticles are prepared, mails are shaped and a Gelcolour of your choice is applied. We have an extensive range of over 100 colours. Why not add a French Finish for an extra £5

Gel Soak Off

This is not charged when you are having your Gelcolour reapplied. This is the safe removal of your Gelcolour. Cuticles are done, nails are filed and our OPI gel break system is applied.


  • Cuticles Reshape & Polish - £15
  • OPI Rescue Pedicure - £25
  • Add Gel Finish - £10 extra
  • OPI Deluxe Pedicure - £35
  • Add Gel Finish - £10 extra
  • Add Paraffin Wax - £15 extra
  • Callus Peel Treatment - £20

  • OPI Rescue Pedicure
  • There is nothing express about our pedicures, hence the name 'Rescue'. A relaxing treatment to help restore your feet with a delightful soak, exfoliation and foot buffering. Cuticles and nails are prepped for a colour of your choice. Why not add a Gel Finish for an extra £10.

  • OPI Deluxe Pedicure
  • Deluxe Package offers the ultimate pedicure that cleanses and renews your feet whilst restoring your spirit and mind. Pedicure by OPI is a system of professional pampering products developed to transform a rescue pedicure into an extraordinary spa experience. Why not add a Gel Finish for an extra £10.

  • Callus Peel Treatment
  • The skin soft peel gently penetrates into the epidermal layer of the foot, softening the callus to enable dead skin to be gently scraped off then buffered. Choose to have alone or add to one of our fabulous feet treatments. When having alone, no cuticle or nail care is done.

Let us Handle it for you

Our manicure & pedicure treatments will make you love the nails you were born to have!